Shared SSL, again

I saw a few people suggesting this before, but seems like there was no answer to them.

I am considering moving from another hosting company to DreamHost for shared hosting. All the reviews and the features look great to me, except that it seems like there’s no shared https server for shared hosters.

I’m not using https for e-commerce or something like that, but just for the casual need of secure connections. So it doesn’t make sense for me to pay for a dedicated certificate and IP address.

I posted this on the Suggestions page on wiki as well:

Can I expect to have this in DreamHost sometime soon?


Only DH can answer to this, you should contact them.

If you need encryption only for auth you could use a javascript based encryption.

Otherwise, you need to take the unique IP option to use ssl.
About the certificate, you can use your own.

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Hi. Well, The point is that this might not be specifically for authentication. I just want a secure connection to server. And I want it to have valid certificate (https without valid license is not much harder to crack than http, in LAN). But it doesn’t have to be my own site certificate. In this case a trusted party, DH in here, will proxy the requests for us. This is through a secure connection to our server, which is basically DH’s internal network.

I should also check to see if DH offers webdav over https. That could solve some of my problems but looking at the features page, it seems like it’s not there.

If it’s only for you and maybe just a few others, why don’t you use ssh to DH servers ?

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No, that’s not true. Many of the DH competitors are offering that: 1and1, Yahoo, Bluehost, etc. That shows it’s not only me using it. SSH is hardly a replacement for that. Only if you tunnel your connection to DH through SSH, that could help. And telling your site users to install SSH client and giving everyone of them a username to access your server and run the commands to tunnel their connection doesn’t make sense.

[quote]I posted this on the Suggestions page on wiki as well:


It’s not unusual for such wiki comments to go unnoticed or to not get responses.

Maybe you’d have more luck with a Suggestion in the panel (requires webid), which other customers can vote on.

Oh, there’s a long-standing one already:

2004-07-02 Goodies - Secure Server Offer some sort of shared (e.g. secure server on all plans. Votes: 5 Credits



Also, FWIW, DreamHost does already provide shared SSL for webmail.