Shared Server Update for HTTP/2?

Now that the Ubuntu upgrade is finished, is there an ETA when Shared Hosting servers running Apache will be updated to 2.2+ to support HTTP/2?

Last we were told, it was going get done Q3 2017. Well that has come and gone, so…?

Will Dreamhost Shared Hosting stay competitive with other Shared Hosts that already support HTTP/2 and get this done?

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While I agree DH shared hosts could do with full HTTP/2 support, I just wanted to note that if you setup CloudFlare for a domain then you gain HTTP/2 between your clients and CloudFlare.

For most sites this means that once CloudFlare has cached the bulk of your static resources, you will gain most of the benefit of HTTP/2 for your users, as only initial requests and requests for dynamic pages and other unchached content will go through to your server via plain old HTTP/1.1. It’s also a great way to get the most out of a shared account in general, since you cut down on the number of requests that have to hit the server in the first place.

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Thanks, I’m well aware of Cloudfare. Numerous reasons why I will not use it.

@smaffulli any reason why DH doesn’t do HTTP2 on shared? Seems like a win win for DH since it reduces server load and connections but also makes sites load faster which makes the end user happy.

The reason is being removed, like @keyplyr mentioned it is pending the upgrades of Ubuntu. Those are not completed yet. Apache is going to be upgraded soon on shared hosting, once all the base infrastructure OS is upgraded. How soon? I don’t have an ETA yet, sorry.

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