Shared self-signed SSL/https

In the “Suggestions” under category “Goodies - Secure Server” there is a suggestion for “Set up ALL domains with a https:// version, even though the certificate would be self-signed and produce a warning in browsers.”

I’d love to have https:// access to all my sites, simply to get encryption for things like logging in to php apps or other http traffic. Is Dreamhost pursuing this as an option. I’ve put my votes towards it, but as far as I can tell, I can’t get any more information about the suggestion (status, response from dreamhost, ranking by votes received …)

I am aware that I can get SSL with by purchasing a uniq IP. And aware of ssh tunnelling options. I just don’t have a need for an actual signed certificate, and would be perfectly happy with clicking “accept self signed certificate” in my browser. I’m sure that many other dreamhost users would feel the same.

Is there a technical limitation to doing this? My previous host offered access to and as shared SSL without requiring uniq IP address.

I think that would be great too!!