Shared Plan - hosting site cap

Hi I was curious as to what the cap for hosting my domains? I have a large number of domains (elsewhere) that I need hosted for a uni project, nothing too fancy, mostly just static pages.
Each could gather around 10-100 visitors on a good day.

I am wondering what is the cap.

Because “unlimited” is vague, what can said regards to how many sites I can host? What is the maximum you recommend I could do.

Unlimited is unlimited! You can host as many domains as you want. :slight_smile: You may want to try running some of your domains under different users though, so you don’t run into any memory limit issues:

If you’re considering transferring your domains’ hosting to us, here’s a helpful wiki with instructions as well:

Really good advice. If you have multiple sites then split them up across users.

Thanks! Also want to note, Vall, that you may still run into limits as a group… in which case, it would just be time to switch to a Virtual Private Server or a Dedicated server. Just an FYI :slight_smile: