Shared or VPS

Hi I am wanting to host 4 sites that use forum software and wordpress. Will the shared hosting plan be able to handle this, or would the $15 VPS plan do this?
I don’t really know which is better out of the two plans for this task.

Hi there!
The Shared Hosting plan would be able to handle it just fine. What you would want to look at in terms of choosing between a Shared Hosting plan and a VPS is the amount of traffic you are expecting. Yes plugins and theme would have to do with it to but it’s mostly site traffic.
You can always ask us to increase to shared server memory if more is needed and if it does exceed what we offer with a shared server you can just upgrade to the VPS.
With the VPS you can manually adjust the amount of memory needed for the site. So, say you chose more memory than what was needed, you can lower it and visa versa. Really the decision is left to you. I would recommend the Shared Hosting plan for right now and see how that works. Not to mention you get a free 2 week trial when signing up so you’ll hopefully be able to tell in those 2 weeks if you would need the VPS or not. If you realize you need do the VPS inside those 2 weeks or outside of them you can always upgrade.
I hope this offered some clarity!
Let me know if you have any other questions.

Is there a benchmark of traffic when we need to switch to VPS? like 1,000 visits a day?

Not really — it’s highly dependent on the resource usage of the applications you’re using.

Can you give any sense for what those resource limits are in terms of GB? I’m curious because I have a website on shared hosting with a number of PDF’s (all fairly small, ~2-3 MB, except one bundle which is like ~45MB) that will be free and downloadable. Other than the that, the site has some images, but no videos, and very few total pages (4). We’re doing a launch for the site on Tuesday, and will be getting some legitimate press. I’m curious what ball-park for traffic we could talking about handling without the server crashing. As in… let’s just say each visitor averaged 2MB of bandwidth. Are we in the ~1000 visits/day range, 10k visits? 100k? What’s the order of magnitude?

Thanks for any help you can provide!

Serving of static files (downloads) requires minimal CPU and RAM resources.

If you’re expecting a couple hundred thousand visitors on dynamic (e.g. PHP) pages in a short time-frame then look into caching - even if only for that day. There might be a hit on concurrency if a few thousand request a 45MB file all at once. DreamHost have in the past helped sites that are expecting big traffic, so it would pay to send in a “warning ticket” and they might help you prepare your site for the launch.