Shared mysql database v dedicated mysql database

I am a new customer

when I signed up I went for shared server but I ticked the box that said (I think) 14 day free trial of the dedicated mysql database

so even though I am on a shared server with my websites sharing space with tons of other websites, as I understand it, my databases are on their own dedicated server and I must say my forums are working like a well oiled machine!! they just work instantly!

so I think I must be on dedicated mysql database scheme

But I don’t see any conformation of this in my dashboard, I can’t find any info on this scheme now - I don’t know what I have to pay extra after the 14 days ends, where is the whole lo-down on this please?

You can see what server your databases are on by going to if the server name starts with ps then you are on the mysql vps database, if not then you are on shared mysql. The MySQL VPS service starts at $15/month. The system will determine how much memory you need and bill accordingly.

bjk what is your opinion on the enhanced scheme? do you think the mysql vps database is a great thing?
ah yes it does start with PS definitely and is a great read, thanking you bjk a great help! :slight_smile:

How much traffic do you have on your forums? In my case I am using the VPS database on an e-commerce site that has a few thousand products. Before I switched to the VPS, the shared MySQL couldn’t handle the load.

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that’s my busiest forum above - I have another forum almost as busy and several other forums less busy than that, ALL on 1 account with Dreamhost

the performance with dedicated mysql database is simply awesome! they all run like perfect and pretty much instantly, delays if they occur are very short