Shared Hosting woes

I’ve been a DH customer since 2005. I’ve always been satisfied with shared hosting. I’m using it with a couple of different sites, one is through a different account who is my employer.

DH shared hosting has, in the last few months, gotten horribly slow and at times unresponsive. Waiting 20+ seconds for a response from the server is outrageous. I know, I’ve been told by DH about how to optimize my WP site and I’ve done that. But there are times when even serving a static HTML page takes several seconds to respond.

Just today, when I was trying to edit something and I kept getting a 500 error of service not available. This is not on me, this is on DH. They have obviously lowered their standards of what shared hosting is supposed to look like in a push to get their loyal customers to pay more for higher tier hosting plans. Can’t say I’m real happy about this.

Now I will say that I moved one account over to Dreampress and it is very fast. Now that’s what I expect in a host, but the level of attention to shared hosting has gotten terrible.


It is disturbing to hear that even static files are slow. Is your shared server overloaded (i.e. uptime reporting load averages > 8 all day, etc)? If so, then one option would be to ask DH support to move your account to a different (preferably newer/faster) shared server.

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