Shared Hosting to VPS



I was considering moving all my sites from shared hosting to VPS.

I had some questions.

  1. Can I run my own mysql server on the same VPS server as my websites?

  2. Can I upgrade my existing shared hosting service, and pay the difference in costs? Or do I get credit for the unused months in my shred hosting account?

  3. Will the upgrade move all my sites automatically, or do I need to move them myself?

  4. Are there any others costs or is $15 a month it for everything I need in VPS?


  1. Afraid not. You can continue to use our shared MySQL servers if you have an active VPS, or you can move your MySQL databases to a separate MySQL VPS, but we don’t support running a database server on your web VPS. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can install MySQL yourself using an admin user, but it won’t be available through the Panel

  2. If you’re ready and willing to move all your users and domains to your VPS, you can close your shared hosting account, and you will be refunded for any unused time. If not, you will need to continue paying for shared hosting along with your VPS (~$9/mo for shared hosting + $15/mo for the VPS).

  3. You’ll be given the choice of whether to move everything automatically when you create your VPS. If you don’t, you can move sites one by one yourself through the Manage Domains section of the panel.

  4. $15 should cover it for a basic VPS!


I migrated from Shared Hosting to VPS about a year ago, and it was painless…I’ve been running a web VPS and a mysql VPS since then and I’ve been very happy with the results!


Does this also apply when you keep using a shared database server but have all your sites on a VPS?


Yes. Shared MySQL databases are now included for free with web VPSes.


Thanks Andrew. This is the case for one of my customers who has a VPS with a few sites and only a Database on a shared DB server. I’ve just closed it.


Is there is any reason for keeping the shared web server once someone upgrades to a web VPS server?


Some users choose to keep shared hosting for certain websites. There is no one size fits all answer to this question. Some accounts may have 2 websites and both can move to the VPS with no issues. Another account might have 25 websites and moving all of them may take away resources that are needed by a few really high traffic sites.