Shared Hosting - SSL Certificate and Dedicated IP

Hello! I have a shared-hosting plan but need to add an SSL certificate and dedicated IP for a new website.

Is this something that I can do on a shared hosting plan and is it recommended?

How much extra does it cost?

Any help is appreciated!


On the manage domains page in the panel you can add a dedicated IP.

Or, on the same page of the panel, you can just click the “add” button under “secure hosting” and it will give you the option to add a dedicated IP on the next page.

How about the SSL certificate please. How much does it cost typically and are there also promotions ongoing?

Dreamhost gives you a free self signed certificate if you add secure hosting. They sell a basic professionally signed certificate for $15.00/yr. You can also bring your own certificate of any class. If you need EV you will have to purchase elsewhere, but you can bring that to dreamhost.