Shared file hosting with VPS database hosting?

I’ve got 15 or so mostly static page WordPress sites that I just downgraded from VPS to shared hosting. I noticed no decrease in speed. And am happy not to have to manage the occasional VPS issues associated with the site file VPS server.

As it happens, I did not specifically request downgrading the database VPS hosting so now have shared file hosting with VPS database hosting.

I’m wondering if I should keep the VPS hosting for the database. Would it be likely to help with speed or not make any difference?

I do have one eCommerce site, might that alone make it worth sticking with the database VPS hosting at $15/month?


With 15 pages? I would go for the shared DB.

Actually no. I have 15 small sites on shared hosting.

Oooh I totally missread that. Heh. How much traffic? You’ll probably be okay on Shared, honestly. If the server speed is enough for PHP, that’s usually the big hit. The only time I seriously look at a VPS for the DB is if BuddyPress is in the mix, or something highly dynamic that pulls from the DB a lot. Normal WP is not so bad.

Very informative, thanks.

Would an e-commerce site with 100 products draw from the database enough to merit a DreamPress acct?

It depends on the theme, the plugins, and your traffic. It’s impossible to guess. I would start on Shared, and if you get caught up with slowdoesn etc, then a VPS or DreamPress is the best bet.