Shareabouts a Django app on sharedhosting?


I have a sharedhosting account. I’m helping out a non-profit implement . I’ve read that I have access to passenger. How would I go about getting this app online? I only have experience with LAMP.

Please, any help is highly appreciated.

Thank you.

Have you read the instructions on our wiki?

Read it once awhile ago. After I posted started to read it again, I have a sub-domain set up for the app. Do I just dump whats in github into the public folder?

Not quite — anything you throw into the “public” folder gets served up by Apache normally.

I’ve taken a quick look at the application on GitHub (, and I think that it’ll work if you just put everything into the main domain directory (NOT in public), and rename “” to “”.

HOWEVER, NOTE that this application has a number of dependencies listed in requirements.txt that aren’t installed on our servers. You will need to set up a Python virtualenv and install those packages in there. See the Passenger WSGI page I linked above for details on how to configure that to be loaded by the file.

Wow, Andrew!! Thanks for this help!! Did not know about virtualenv…!

Whats the “database : south” on that list? I read somewhere else it works best with postGIS which is not on dreamhost, can I still use mySQL?


In fact, you should be able to look up everything in the list on PyPI.

I have no idea whether Shareabouts will work with MySQL, but I’d be surprised if it didn’t.

Hi Andrew and Decoder00 -

(I work at OpenPlans, we are a core contributor to the Shareabouts project).

Shareabouts requires Postgres and doens’t work with MySQL, but Decoder00 actually only needs to set up the client front end, as documented here:

There’s an existing database/backend that OpenPlans hosts, Since Decoder00 is setting this app up for a non-profit, we can give access to this backend. So, no need to get complex with databases.

Hope this helps!