Share login credentials between packages


Hi all,
I Just set up account with Dreamhost and want to put my site together but pretty new to all this and hoping someone can offer some helpful suggestions.

I am planning on - Joomla, dotProject, email and subversion for now. Is there any way to set up a single list of users (eg email accounts) and have these same credentials shared between all these packages? I can see with separate user names and passwords for everything I will soon be spending all my time fixing up forgotten passwords. Can I config a unix account for each of my users and then use that?


I don’t think you can create general unix account for all because the information of those users will be saved to different places.

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Well, it depends on what you mean.

You can install all these packages under the same unix account, but most of the web applications you’ve described have their own authentication system - they don’t use unix usernames and passwords.

That said, each of them (I think) has a mechanism for a user requesting the mailing of a new password to the email address set up for their account, so you shouldn’t spend much time resetting passwords manually.

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Thanks for the feedback and you have confirmed what I thought - each have there own authentication system. I know dotProject can authenticate from M$ Active Directory but this doesn’t help me much. I think I read somewhere that you can get subversion to authenticate externally but I think this only works if you use svnserve?

I think you are correct they all have method for user to request their password but I was after a more professional looking approach where if use changed password it rolled out across all their applications.

I will keep searching for a solution but this may be the limitation of a ‘free’ system versus paying large sums of $ to a company for an integrated solution that doesn’t deliver 1/2 the functionality these apps do.



I know with many tools you can find plugin modules that replace their authentication with a call to a “parent” authentication system. For instance, you can get Joomla!/Gallery integration and Joomla!/WordPress integration.

Even if you can’t find such a thing ready-to-go, you could always do that yourself as an open source contribution!

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Thanks, I will go hunting. If I can find something that is close to what I need I may be able to hack enough code myself to tailor it, and as you said make this a contribution back to the community.

Web application programming is not my forte, but with google’s help I am sure I can turn my industrial control systems programming experience to use.