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I need to set something up for a client where they can do the following: Multiple users need to login to a web page to download large pdf files (5-20Mb or more). I am pretty sure I can figure out a way to set that up but how can I make it easy for the client to populate the webpage with the files that need to be downloaded? These will change everyday? I would like them to be able to dump them in a ftp folder and the website will do a crawl to display them. I was thinking maybe joomla but it doesnt seem like the right fit. I also have been running into the size limitation with php. Thoughts?

Hey masstri,

What you need is a plain old web server application, like Apache. Your hosting provider should allow your visitors to browse a folder with a basic filesystem structure: links to all files, etc.

If that’s not the case, check out They give you a “box”, which is a page that is refreshed in real-time in which you can drop files for users to download. It’s free, too, and you can set it up so it doesn’t need anyone to register/log in.

I use PHPfileNavigator. It’s in Spanish, but it’s pretty easily workable. But you will have to use the PHP.ini tweak to allow for larger uploads:


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