Share FTP

Hi guys, I am trying to work on a website with couple of mates who are commandline shy and prefer gui ftp clients such as filezilla. I found out that it’s not simple as pie setting up shared ftp in dh, so i’ve tried my absolute best to follow the steps but failed to arrive at the desired solution.

I’ve folowed this wiki article but that recommends that the user cds into the directory, which means you have toe using shell. so I tried to create a soft link to the directory so that they can see it from their home directory in the ftp client. That worked but when they double clicked on the directory they get a ‘Response: 550 review: No such file or directory’ error back.

Any help on how I can just share a folder for ftp?

Setup a communal user and share the ftp login info for it.

Remap that shared directory to be the directory used within the site.

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I really would like not to do that because if one my designers leave, I just want to delete their account and not have to change the password which would affect all users. Is there another option?

Have them use SFTP instead of FTP.

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Thanks sXi worked like a charm. Perhaps this extra step of creating the soft link should be added to the wiki.