Share folders in DO?

Still trying to get off the ground with DO. With the DH Panel, I created some users, some keys and some buckets, and moved a folder of PDFs into a bucket folder. I was able to connect CrossFTP to my bucket. I was able to use panel object viewer to create a temporary url to a pdf to share by email. How can I share the url to a folder with someone?

Also, the url I that Crossftp gave me for an object just gets AccessDenied in a browser. How do I use this correctly?

Hi MajorGeek

you can share a the URL of a bucket and make the objects in there visible by setting the bucket to ‘Public’. That way when people click on the URL to the public bucket will see the list of PDFs you put in there. In order for people to download the PDFs, those have to be made public, too.

As described on

“Public means that it is possible to view the Bucket properties and a list of the contents of the bucket by navigating to the Bucket URL. Although you will be able to see that an object is listed as part of the contents of a Bucket, the actual Object cannot be read unless it has also been marked Public.”

Remember that object stores like DreamObjects are infrastructure, they are a lot more useful to programmers than to end users. They’re not a replacement to dropbox … What are you trying to achieve exactly?

Thanks, that’s some ideas for me to try.

Yes, I was trying out DO to see if I could do something like Dropbox with them. Previous post. DH Support Team told me they didn’t like the data my users were storing on ftp sites that I have been setting up for them to share data and reports with their collaborators. Said it was a violation of their Acceptable Use Policy and that I have until today to get the stuff off of there, and they suggested DO. Strange, I have doing it this ftp way for about 12 years. It seems like a bait and switch from DH, because they used to sort of encourage the use of ftp only accounts for this. Remember when they offered a backup system to ftp sites on a server hanjid? So what are the FTP accounts for now?

So DO isn’t going to be handy for me to let my users load with data and have collaborators and the public view it? I was beginning to think so.

I have two ftp accounts that are involved in automated processes that are in production that are gathering data from remote sites for our web site. I hope I can keep those running. Or I hope I get some more time from DH to change my scripts to use DO.

there are issues with ftp, mostly due to the way the servers are architected. The reason for DreamHost to push for large accounts to move to DreamObjects is purely a technical one: DreamObjects is a lot more resilient and it can keep on growing as users keep on adding files to it. With FTP servers we inevitably hit a limit… I see your profile says you know Solaris and GIS so I assume you know a thing or two about NFS or filesystems in general… Think about the amount of challenges that NFS can give to hundreds of thousands of users accessing mountpoints via FTP, backing those up, moving them when the disks fail, etc :slight_smile: To simplify a complex matter, DreamHost founder designed the system powering DreamObject (Ceph) in order to overcome the limitations of storage systems designed for the client-server era.

Can I have a look at your website? Maybe you can setup an application that can interface directly to the object store and offer file sharing capabilities, either via browser or desktop/mobile clients. Collaborators can push data to the object storage system, there are many apps supporting it.

Have you developed the applications that gather data from remote site and push to the website? Which language did you use? are you willing to modify them to use object storage natively instead? The DreamObjects API are quite easy and there are frameworks already, in many languages.

Is there a definition of “large accounts”, either in filespace or number of files?

You may want to read the policy:

Well, I’m not a child pornographer!

So I just had one of my team ask “All I want is to be able to upload a report so some ranchers can download it. For whatever reason, I seem to be unable to share items on my GoogleDrive with anyone other than the domain. Given that it’s June of 2016, I can’t understand why things aren’t simpler.”

So if I have an unskilled computer user that wants to drop a bid or proposal off for our team to evaluate, or I have this rancher that wants to read one of our reports, I should tell him to download something like CrossFTP or ExpanDisk, then I send him keys to a bucket that he can download too, and he just plugs in the keys and drop off his file? Then send the rancher a long url to the report and tell him download the report before the url expires? Why am I doubtful this will work?

Nobody here said that, Major! Let’s not joke about that stuff: it’s aserious matter.

A very fair question from his point of view. Telling users to deal with auth keys, drives and stuff like that is not good.

If you need is a file exchange tool with your team, something like Google Drive, you may need to install and configure something like NextCloud on a server, and connect that to DreamObjects. You’ll then create accounts with usernames and passwords from nextcloud for your ranchers.

As I mentioned before, DreamObjects is not supposed to be used by end-users: it’s infrastructure software, quite low level. You need to give your users something else.

  1. I installed OwnCloud (had to upgrade to VPS), and tried DO and it was horrifically slow. Local storage is much faster. Since I’m on VPS, I doubt there’s much concern about abusing the “Unlimited” storage policy.

  2. I’m as excited as the next person with shiny new products, such as NextCloud (fork of OwnCloud), but when one tries to download a client and gets a “File Not Found” error, it’s time to look for something else. Followed link from

  3. I don’t know what the issue is with Google Drive, but if you’re in that arena, why not try Dropbox? Unless the 2GB limit is an issue.

  4. If your unskilled user wants to drop off a bid of proposal, why not email it? And if a rancher wants to read a report, host it on Dropbox and send him the link (again, I don’t know why Google Drive is having trouble with this).

“Well, I’m not a child pornographer!”

Well, this is from the Unlimited Policy document you referenced:
“This whole page is just to announce to the <.1% of people who want to try and run free porn affiliate sites or anime video trading forums or host pirated rips of The Dark Knight on DreamHost that we’re not having any.”

I see no reference to you specifically on the policy page.

Last year, my front office and our IT didn’t like my idea of Dropbox for Business. I’m going back to persuading them now that using ftp accounts drop boxes is being blocked by DH. I like the way Dropbox handles Powerpoint files, seamlessly moving from url to native PowerPoint presentation. In past years, I have had to convert the presentations to html or pdf and don’t get all the animations.

Emailing reports has its problems because of the slow internet speeds at the user’s field office location, and probably also the rancher’s. Also, some of the agencies’ email system scrub off certain attachments. BPA’s mail system won’t take zip files or xml files, for example. Also, you can’t send a screenshot back to DH tech support. You get “WHOOPS! We noticed you included an attachment with your email! We cannot accept email attachments… if there’s a file you’d like us to see, please upload it to the web somewhere and re-send your message with the URL to the attachment! We’d greatly appreciate it!” I used to send DH support an ftp link, but now they don’t want me to do this either.