I’m running joomla 1.5, and I’m trying to setup sh404SEF. I’ve read the doc many times, but I just can’t get it to work. I’m wondering if DH requires something special in order for it to work. I keep getting 404 errors when I try accessing anything within my site when I enable it. Has anyone run into this?

Anyone? Bueller?

I have been running sh404sef for quite a while now and it is a great component. What problems are you having? Do you have the latest version installed?

It’s well worth the trouble, if only for the security section. Used in conjunction with the BadBehavior plugin, your defenses against bots are almost impregnable.

Thanks. I definitely want to use it, but every page comes back with a 404 not found error. I’ve looked at the doc over and over. Any chance you can share you .htaccess file? My problem is probably in there…

I am running joomla 1.5.7

Did you set anything specific when creating the domain in Panel?

Maybe it has something to do with the “Remove www (blah blah)” options?

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I have it set to ignore the www, since this is a sub-domain, but I honestly think it’s the htaccess file. I’ve made all the recommended changes 1 by 1, but I end up with the same thing.

Got it. Started from scratch - created a test subdomain and examined all the settings beforehand and then installed sh404 again, and it worked right out of the box.

I think the sequence in which you activate sef and when you put the htaccess file out there makes a difference. Seems to, anyway (or I’ve finally had enough coffee…)

Anyway, thanks!