It seems the general consensus (see my FTP HELP thread) is that my FTP problems are caused by a Firewall on my end that I did not know exists. Then again I am using a Wireless Router to share my connection with my flatmate so that might be where the Firewall is ??

Anyway, I changed my account user type from FTP to SFTP.

The only problem is that I have no idea about SFTP.

I’m using FileZilla. How do I use this program to access my web directories and thus upload/download files with SFTP?

Its actually very similar to ftp. Put in the domain and username as you would with ftp. In filezilla just set it up in sites manager. Add a new site, choose sftp and change anonymous to normal.

In some clients you need you set the path on the server to your account but with filezilla this should not be necessary.

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Thank you! :slight_smile:

Didn’t realise it was going to be that easy.

Will give it a go :slight_smile: