Sftp & webftp?

I’m having so much trouble with sftp, does the Dreamhost webFTP (net2ftp) even work with stfp?

If so, I’d be hugely grateful for a screenshot and/or every single setting (port, passive, etc.) of a webFTP setup that works with sftp? I’m going around in circles

Thanks in advance

I don’t think net2ftp can connect via SSH. What problems are you having with sftp? Which client are you using?


I think you’re right, net2ftp can’t connect. I’m fine with other clients. But there’s nothing in the documentation that says so: it just DOESN’T WORK. Actual instructions would be very helpful.

Try FileZilla. It’ll do SFTP, and it’s free. Just be sure that your user account has SFTP enabled in the panel.