Sftp to hanjin.dreamhost.com using Cobian backup 9


Just wanted to see who had any luck with backing up to hanjin.dreamhost.com via sftp. I’m interested in using Cobian Backup 9 to sftp a small set of files from a windows box over to the DH storage space.

I am currently able to log in using SecureCRT w/ .ssh keys to my primary web site on rothstein. I’m also able to sftp from rothstein to hanjin using standard sftp from the command line.

There are a ton of options present in this program, and of course key files are there as well.

If anyone has any experience with the options there, I’d appreciate any pointers. This looks to be a stellar backup program, and the price is certainly right.

I’ve confirmed standard FTP mode from Cobian does work fine, I just don’t want to expose passwords like that. Thanks!

Be advised there are different protocols:

FTP over SSH (who does that?!?!)
SCP (uses SSH)
SFTP (supersedes SCP, uses SSH)

Cobain software currently supports the first two while DreamHost supports only FTP and SCP/SFTP.

Having said that you need to shop for software that specifically mentions OpenSSH, SSH 2, SSH File Transfer Protocol, or SFTP in its features and documentation. This is a specific technology and SSH/SFTP shouldn’t be confused with SSL/TLS. That’s like asking how to put gasoline in an electric car :smiley:

You’ll find information you need here: DreamHost wiki - SFTP

Add if you want to use rsync on Windows, you can try Cwrsync

Customer since 2000 :cool: openvein.org

Awesomeness, +1. I thought Cobian was doing SFTP, blast.

Unfortunately, I do understand the difference between SFTP and FTPS, drat. I’ve even used TFTP, ahem, back in the day.

Serves me right for not reading the docs better. Thanks!

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This is historical now, given that the proper protocol isn’t present in the backup program for secure transfer to the desired target. But just to help others . . . here goes search engine fodder.

There are 4 screen shots attached, err, linked for this Cobian Version 9 Amanita backup software.

Any ideas or pointers on how to set up the following options appreciated :

Transport level security : none, explicit, implicit, required

SSL method : … ssl v3, tls v1

Auth type : ssl, tls, tlsc, tlsp, auto

data port protection : clear, private

ssl mode : client, server, unassigned, both

Ultimately, I’d love to get the key file mode working (like rsync, etc. over ssh) but I want to get standard mode working first.

I really do think this software would be useful to the majority of users, if there was a qucik-config guide that could go over in the DH Wiki about this Cobian backup thing.






[as noted, DH needs some SFTP love, and Cobian talks FTPS - drat. SFTP is the preferred dog in my other work, for sure]

responses to this thread will be emailed to me, thanks.