SFTP connection problem

I am pretty new to all of this…
I gave a business partner an account and SFTP access. I tested sending files through WINSCP, FileZilla, linux command line. It all works.(using username and password)
The partner is failing to connect: (result)
PHP Warning: ssh2_connect(): Error starting up SSH connection(-5): Unable to exchange encryption keys in /var/private/test.php

Googling the error message leads to possible explanations/solutions:

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^ Ask them if they’re running an outdated version of PHP.

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The sender of the data acknowledged that they may need to update their side. I am continuing to look at this to try to reproduce the issue using the ssh2_connect() call.

Could it be that they’re using key exchange (kex) settings in a $method array? The example provided at php.net will throw that error.

One solution posted is to skip kex and let the fallback sort it out.

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