SFTP can't find user dir


Hi, I’e been experiencing problems with FTP upload, and followed the announcement asking to use SFTP instead. I did, with the user I’m trying to upload with; set it to SFTP, change is complete; set Cyberduck (S/FTP client) to use SFTP.

I can login but I can’t seem to find my user directory. On the Wiki page it says I should be able to see an .example dir (.donovan in my case), but that would be inside /home and when I try to enter home I get a “Listing directory failed” error : “User does not have sufficient permissions to perform the operation”.

Please advise, this is urgent; many TIA’s.


I’m trying using the command line (Os-X Terminal), and it seems ok so far, but I’d be glad to know how to make this work with a regular S/FTP client.

I noticed that upon logging in using the command line, I would directly access my SFTP user directory (vs. root dir), not the case in Cyberduck (FTP program).


Ok, FWIW, what I did was to enter a default path in my client SFTP bookmark : /home/.donovan/user/domain.com/ and that did the trick.