Several noob questions

Hi all,
I have several questions about website hosting and email hosting.

Until recently I had a website through a service, other people’s pixels, who designed my website and provided a service for my webmail. My account with them is over on 6/12 and got my domain name transferred/paid up.

The email service, hosted through, will be deleted on the 12th. It has not been deleted yet, but I want any mail sent to my email address from that site to forward to my gmail account. In my dreamhost panel, I went to mail->manage email-> forward only address. In the next columns, I put my current email that I have through rackspace its not a rackspace email, it is and put my new email address at gmail. now, does rackspace have to release the email for this to work, since no forwarding to my gmail account is happening. I am unsure of the protocol with this one.

Also, the web service I mentioned is still hosting the site until the 12th. In the meantime, I set up a domain hosting on dreamhost via manage domains -> add new domain. Is there any other steps after that process that need to happen?

Sorry for such noob questions, its a crazy kind of transfer

Hope these articles give you some ideas.