Several domains completely down

Several of the domains I host with DH are down (including,, and aren’t even showing up on the web panel anymore. They show up on the “active domain” selector on the left side of the screen, but not in the main part of the screen when I check on system status or .htaccess or mailboxes.

It’s been like this since before 8am, eastern time. I didn’t realize that the domains were down until I went to the web panel.

Another thing is that is completely missing from my account- that’s a site we host and keep current for an animal shelter. I have no idea how long that’s been gone, but it needs to be restored ASAP. The reason I didn’t know any of this was going on is because Dreamhost doesn’t normally eat complete domains so I don’t feel its necessary to go into my account and make sure things haven’t just up and disappeared every day.


This should be fixed shortly. The issue is not with your server, but has to do with the problem you were having in the last support ticket you submitted. I can expand on this more via email, or through the support system… If there are any stragglers (domains I somehow didn’t fix), same applies.

I’m pretty sure it would have fixed itself, but I’m going ahead and running some manual updates which should speed that process along.

Anyway, sorry for the inconvenience.

Thanks so much for your help, Wil. Everything is up and running except for two things:

I’m still not getting email- I connect to the server fine, but nothing is arriving. I went ahead and sent myself some email to make sure it wasn’t just that I didn’t get any, but it hasn’t arrived. I’m sure that’s just the system catching up, but I wanted to post it in case it wasn’t. is down. I get a “specified server could not be found” message.

Finally, is Neko Case’s “Lullabies” as good as “Black Listed”?

Ok - these should all be fixed now too. Looks like they just hadn’t updated on their own yet.

updated DNS too:


[quote]is Neko Case’s “Lullabies” as good as “Black Listed”?


I like a couple tracks on it, but Blacklisted is better overall.

still no mail …

Scrap that- my email is bouncing. My fiance just sent me something and he got a relay access denied message back. Any ideas on this?

Yup yup…

Should also be fixed now.

Email me if you have more problems. The address isn’t listed here, but not hard to figure out.