Setuping my Own Round Cube Webmail

Hello Guys,

I’m sharing my host with 3 friends, each one has your own domain,
We decide to use Round Cube webmail, but We would like to exchange the logo (Actual is Dreamhost’s logo)

As you may know, Dreamhost has a Demo version, because of that we are not able to exchange the logo.
So I decide to setup my own…

I did everything according to the manual, but still facing an error


Unable to connect to the database!
Please contact your server-administrator."

Check the line where we should define the connection string

$config[‘db_dsnw’] = ‘mysql://myftpuser:passwd@fptserveraddress/databasename’;

So, I Set it all, but i’m still not allowed to connect.

Is there any Step by Step to do it on Dreamhost ?

Thanks and Regards

Did you actually edit that line above with your actual database user, password, database name, and MySQL host? If so, did you make sure that everything in it was correct?


The new version of Round Cube has 2 diferentes *.inc.php that you must declare the connection with the DataBase. and

After i edit both, I was able to see the login page.

Now i need to setup other info to be able to login. (Working on)