Setup Timeframe?

Hi, I just ordered some hosting… first time DH customer, and my hosting account has been in “pending” mode for 3 days now… are the DH Admins usually this slow in setting up new customers?

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If you’re a US customer paying with a credit card, it’s really quick. If you’re non-US and/or used Google Checkout, it’ll take a few days due to additional anti-fraud checks.

If it hits 5 business days, then drop a note to Sales:


Ok, thanks for the explanation. I already sent sales a support question, so I guess now I will just wait.

Cheers :slight_smile:

Seon R :: Code Monkey
Sector3 Kick Arse 3D Games | Blog

And please check your signature. That is a bad URL

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I heard setup was pretty fast, but I am starting to think it’s because of Labor Day Weekend here in the States maybe upon all other things going on?


Yesterday I signed up for the labor day promo. Still waiting as well, To bad its not automatic. However, I imagine with the $9.24 / first year promo they had a lot of sign-ups to process.