Setup time for a new account?


I am just curious on how long the setup time usually is for a new customer?

From other posts I’ve read it seems that the fraud system might kick in from time to time so maybe I’ll just have to chill :slight_smile:

I am really eager to get my DH up and running but I’ve been waiting ~17-18 hrs (which feels like a long time when you really want to get going and have that “christmas” feeling in you… :-).



If you’re in the US and paid by a regular credit card, it’s usually within 24 hours. Otherwise, it may take up to 5 business days.



Thanks for your reply.

I am a Swedish citizen, so I guess I’ll have hang tight for a few days.



It could very likely take until early next week.



After 24hrs, if it’s not setup, you might want to submit a trouble ticket. Some accounts have to be manually activated, and I’m sure that includes international accounts.

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That could be a problem as I can’t login and submit a ticket because I don’t have any password to login with.

A randomized password was supposed to be emailed to me but no such email has arrived.


Try this:



Thanks for the link - I just posted an inquiry to the support so we’ll see what happens :slight_smile:



That did the trick - and they were quick aswell :slight_smile:

My account had to be manually approved for some reason. Anyway, it is approved and I am happy.