Setup Site before changing Nameserver

Hi All,
I want to set up my website before i move my nameserver so that my new site is all up and running before i switch off the old one.

However, i have a couple of questions to ask about how i do this. Firstly when i setup my new site i goto and put all the files i need in there right? So in other words is the root of my webspace - correct?

Secondly when i goto view my webspace (i have just stuck a simple index.html file in there for now) as i havent moved my old site yet should i be able to access my new site by using the as the URL? Where xxxx is obviously my server name?

I have tried this you see and it dosent show me the index.html that is in my /mywebspace/ directory i just get a page cannot be displayed error.

Any ideas or am i missing something?

Many Thanks

Forget it peeps - i got an answer from support on the first point i was right and on the second point - i cant do it - i can kind of access it by using a, but not directly like you would a webpage.

you can set up a subdomain of that will be a mirror of your website that you heavn’t transfered yet. You’ll connet via FTP as you have stated to your domain, then when you want to view your site to make sure it looks right from the web-side you’ll go to