Setup of email accounts question

My previous host allowed you to have one mailbox account with several email addresses that get forwarded to it. I want to avoid having to setup 6 or 7 different accounts with seperate login/passwords. How to I accomplish this in dreamhost?

eg. (main mailbox)

emails sent to:

all go to mailbox.

but I want anything I don’t define like to go directly to trash or bounce back as bad email.

I see there is a “bulk” forwarding option, but I am not exactly sure how to proceed with this one.


Write down the email address you want messages to be forwarded to - this can be an email address associated with a mailbox at DreamHost. And you know it is associated with a mailbox because the email address appears in the “Mailbox” category when you look at the list of addresses for a domain.

To add one address at a time:

Click on “Create New Email Address”

Scroll down to “Forward Only Email” and fill out the form there to do this one at a time.

To add more than address at a time:

Click on a “Bulk-Edit Forwarding-Only Address” and you will see instructions on what to do. It’s not hard. In the text area you type the new address, then add whitespace, then type the address message will be sent to, and press enter. So for four addresses you will have four lines and the second address on each line will be

Then never enter “catch-all” as a a fully hosted or forward-only address.

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Thanks! got it.