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I have set up web pages before but I don’t remember having this problem. I have my domain, and my web space on dreamhost. I ftp’d my “under construction” page in html format to the new website. When I use IE to view my web page, it just shows the directory, with the words INDEX OF at the top. How can I get my web space to display the html file instead of the index?



Try renaming your construction page to index.html
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Edit: You might also like to check out this DH Knowledge Base/wiki article:


Also, make sure your file is being uploaded to the correct directory.

At DreamHost, every domain (or sub-domain) you host will have a directory in your user directory with the same name as the domain. For example, if your domain name is, when you log-in using FTP you should see the following directories;


You should place your site files in the directory.

If you are using a general FTP client you shouldn’t have too many problems. However, if you are using a program that automatically uploads your site files, you may need to set the correct path in the configuration of that program.


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