Setup new account but its stuck in pending status

It has been over three hours and my account is still stuck in pending status. I have sent a support ticket, but even that has yet been responded to…Please help.

Thank you


I apologize for the delay. I pushed this along through our Approvals dep and everything is set to go now.
Let me know if there is anything else I can help with.

I currently have one of my other domains registered over at I have changed my nameservers to point to dreamhost. However, when I try to go goto the dns for that domain, I received no DNS ZONE file on file. Trying to generate one now. Its been over a couple of hours. How long does the dns file generation take. My current site is down, I just need to modify the dns to point back to my staging server so that clients are still able to get to their images

Please note that any time you modify DNS, it may take some time for the new records to propagate and for your site to be accessible from all networks:

You can check the current state of your DNS propagation here:

I don’t think you need to manually generate zone records in DreamHost. They will be created once you add the domain to your hosting plan. It will take a while for DNS to propagate. Give it another 10 hours and let’s see how it goes