Setup FTP?

Hi I hired a programmer to setup a design & database on one of my sites. How do I set up a FTP so he can login to that site only and have access. Right now, by “adding user” he only sees maildir folder but no significant site folders. I tried dreamhost support but am going on 3rd day no reply. Thanks for any help!

you can set up a directory re-map for that user, but that will only provide hom with access to a directory under the domain in question.

You could also (and this may be your best option) set up a new user name that you would also know, and set cgi to be excuited by that user. Now when that user logs in they will have full access to that domain. you can now also provide your programmerwith shell access if needed.

I don’t know of any other way to accomplish this with dreamhost. Hope one of these will work fo ya.


thanks for your reply! I set up a new FTP user for him, enabled shell & CGI for that domain only. It seems to have wiped out the wordpress blog I had installed but thats ok he will be installing one there anyways so I think he’s set. Wondering, will he have mysequal database access through that?

I believe that you have to set up the database through the panel. But once the database is set up, if you give him the host name, database name, user name and pass then he can access phpmyadmin as well as other command line utilties through shell. basicaly everything execpt creating new databases.

If you want, you can also create a new panel user and only give him access to that domain. That way he could set up new database, create E-mail address, etc. if you wanted. (that’s in the DH panel > Home > Account privelages)

Oh, and just FYI it’s MYSQL


Thanks, got him set up and he’s starting to do the job now. Thanks so much!