Setup ftp for subdomain


I think I have lost my mind…and I hope some one can help.
How do I set up the FTP in dreamweaver MX so I go into a sub domain on my site? The dreamwever part is easy but when I punch in all the numbers it says I have an error. Any advice?


First, check your username and password associated to the subdomain. You can check via DH panel --> Domains --> Manage Domains --> Web Hosting --> Edit. Make sure that you are using the right one.

Second, the setting of the Dreamweaver should be:

ftp name:
username: username
password: password

Did you miss anything?

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Since I don’t use Dreamweaver, I don’t know the specific settings. If it’s a subdomain (not a main domain), follow patricktan’s instructions, but change “Folder” to



It would also be helpful if you gave us the relevant settings in Dreamweaver’s ftp configuration. When you do so, please remember to obscure the username and password. You can change/anonymize the actual domain or subdomain name.

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