Setup domains under one user - transfer a few to a new shell account

I have moved to dream host from 1and1. Best thing I ever did.

But, I setup all the domains under /home/myusername. All good. I have to split one off so that another user can SFTP/FTP in and make changes will not being able to see my stuff. So in essence, I need to change the path of the files. Is that only done via shell or if I change the path under the hosting, will it move it?

Now: /home/myusername/

needs to be: /home/otherusername/

Make sense?

If you change the user for a domain you will get the option to “move” the files. NOTE tho that they don’t mean “move” they mean “copy”.

Navigate to manage domains and edit to change to the new user for the domain. Below that dropdown box another option will appear once you have done that that says “Move files to the new user?” and the option will be checked by default.

When it’s complete the file will have been COPIED not MOVED (mv usually means the originals are removed). To avoid future confusion you should rm -rf the old set of files once you are sure everything copied over correctly.

Wonderful. I found that option AFTER clicking the user. And yes, I noticed the move was not a move…