Setup to TypePad and to Shopify?

When users go to or I want it to display my TypePad blog. I also want to be able to link to or have users type in and have it go to my Shopify store.

Clearly, I don’t ever want the users to see or, I want to make sure everything is seamless.

Any hints about how I would go about doing that?

You’ll have to ask Typepad and Shopify (respectively) for details on how to set that up. You can probably set it up by setting a CNAME on your domain to point to their servers (more info on the wiki), but you’ll also need to set your Typepad / Shopify accounts up to recognize the new domain name.

If that isn’t possible, you can try setting up the domain as cloaked, but that doesn’t really work quite as well.

Thanks for the response. Still running into problems though.

I need to work. Not a subdomain. When I tried to set up the CNAME without a subdomain I get this error:

CNAME records may only be used on sub-domains.


I’d love to hear the solution to this too. Anyone?

Try adding ‘www’ in the name field when adding the CNAME record

The “www” approach is the only way I’ve gotten this to work. I’ve added a CNAME for *, but that doesn’t handle a “blank” subdomain (i.e.; it only handles a wildcard subdomain (i.e.

To make the “blank” work, I set to redirect to, which is the CNAME for my destination. In this case, it’s a MobileMe account created with iWeb. I started with these instructions: