Setup/config of Zend Debugger

Hi, all!

Happy Hoster user, here, just trying to setup Zend’s Debugger so I can try to keep out of my own way before announcing to the web that I don’t know what I’m doing… :slight_smile:

I followed the instructions outlined in as best I could (because of my account level, I couldn’t edit my PHP.ini file directly- I had to use a phprc file to append my to my configuration).

In the phprc file, I just have this:

[Zend Debugger] zend_extension=/home/roadtostage/debugger/ zend_debugger.allow_hosts= zend_debugger.expose_remotely=always

Checking my PHPInfo page, it indicates that it recognizes the presence of my phprc file under the “Additional .ini files parsed” section. However, the Zend Debugger doesn’t make its presence anywhere in the page.

I’ve tried playing with file permissions (changing the phprc file from 644 to 755), but that doesn’t help.

Is it possible, due to my account level with DH, I might not be able to use the debugger?

Thanks for any suggestions you guys might have, and please let me know if I need to provide any further details.


Figured it out!

Didn’t realize I had the 32-bit version of, when I needed the 64 bit version…