Setup as directory of external site?


I already have a Web site but went with Dreamhost for hosting my blog and forum.

I’m sure I used to know how to do this, but how do I setup the blog so that it is a “seamless” part of the existing Web site in a subdirectory?

For example:

I have This connects to the existing external Web site.

I want the blog to show up on and have it go to the WordPress blog hosted on Dreamhost. Furthermore, the site should never leave the domain - it should look entirely like it’s all one universal site.

I could go the subdomain route, but would rather not, for SEO purposes.

If the main site is physically hosted elsewhere, you can’t make the blog “seamlessly” be part of an external site. The ugly way to do this would be to frame the blog, but that’s a real kludge and won’t fool a search engine.


Great. Now you tell me.

Well, I guess the other choice is to host the files on a subdomain,