Settings up before transferring a domain in

I’m looking to transfer another of my domains to be hosted with DH and would like to get things set up in advance. The site runs on drupal and so I have created the mysql database and hostname but am unable to login to that hostname to import the tables. Is this because the domain is still hosted elsewhere and if so, is there a way round it?

if the hostname is registered elsewhere and you want to host it in DH, you need to point the hostname to DH first.

I think you already know how to point to DH. Change the dns

Good luck

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The quickest way to access a site while the domain is hosted elsewhere is to create a mirror using a sub-domain.

To do this go to Domains->Manage Domains in the panel, click on Add New Domain / Sub-Domain, then scroll down to Mirrored.

Here enter the dreamhosters sub-domain you wish to use, and select the domain you have hosted at Dreamhost that you wish to mirror. After a little while you should be able to access the site using the newly created sub domain.

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I just finsihed doing the exact same thing you are discussing. I did the web testing exactly as Shonky suggested. Your message seems to indicate an issue importing the tables though, and this would be on the mysql host.

First, I didn’t have problems accessing my new mysqlhost name as long as I started phpMyAdmin from my dreamhost panel. Second, your mysql hostnames all actually point to the same location, so you could connect to the host using a different hostname (from an existing domain) and just connect to the desired database from there.

Good luck

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Best way I would say is if this is “another” domain then create the database on the db server of your other domain. Then you can just connect to: and import the tables…then just set drupal to point to:

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