Setting Upload Directory Path for Gallery2

Per the following details from the Gallery2 admin section:

Local Server Upload Paths

Specify the legal directories on the local server where a user can store files and then upload them into Gallery using the Upload from Local Server feature. The paths you enter here and all the files and directories under those paths will be available to any Gallery user who has upload privileges, so you should limit this to directories that won’t contain sensitive data (eg. /tmp or /usr/ftp/incoming)

I’m finding it impossible to figure out how to set the directory path to my upload folder.

I’ve created a folder entitled ‘uploads’ under my subdomain,, but I just can’t figure out what path instructions are required…

Anyone have any ideas?


wouldn’t it just be /uploads/ ?

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No, but I actually figured it out already by reading the post on cgi-bins…

Yes I can help, I only worked it out yesterday after a couple of days almost tearing my hair out!

I see you have fixed it, but I will post for others who have this trouble in the future and do a search.

Create a folder called “uploads” in your <>_g2data folder.

Now in Gallery 2 you put this as a path:

/home/<your_gallery2_login_name>/www.your domain.com_g2data/uploads

If your name is Fred, and you log-in to Gallery 2 under the name Fred, then you put:


I hope that works for you.