Setting-up wordpress before pointing domain


I’ve just activated my account to transfer my to I want to setup my wordpress account before pointing my domain to dreamhost (currently is redirecting to my blog). How can I find which URL I can use?

In “Manage Domains” > “DNS” > “www” I can find an IP and I thought I could use it to install the wordpress by typing http://[myIP]/wp//wp-admin/install.php

Any advice?



You should be able to use for this. Check out

A caveat - You may need to ‘move’ WordPress afterwords, and search/replace your database if you do this, as your site will have the temp domain instead of the real one.


I recently did a similar thing with my WP page. I just mirrored the site (wiki link here: ) and then I just followed the steps for moving my .com to a .org here

Basically you have to set up the domain to be fully hosted and everything on our end (DreamHost) like you would normally, but do not point the nameservers to DreamHost yet, so the site you’re building isn’t live

Hope that Helps,
Matt C


Thank you a lot, for you both, for the quick answers. I’ll still have to wait a few hours until the mirroring takes effect, but I feel confident :slight_smile:


Just to confirm that this worked! Thanks a lot!!!
Maybe I’ll need some help when I will have to “move” the wordpress afterwords.


If you do, you know where to ask :smiley: We’ll be happy to help you.


Hi, could you give me a quick tip on how to ‘move’ WordPress afterwords, and search/replace your database? :slight_smile:


I think I got how to “move” the wordpress. Actually, I wanted to keep Wordpress in another folder so I followed the instructions described here:


Just as an FYI for the next guy, there are directions on the WP codex for Giving WP it’s own directory using a preexisting directory :slight_smile: