Setting up Wordpress before DNS switch?

I don’t want to break my current site (hosted elsewhere) while I’m building the new site on DreamHost so I set up the new domain on DreamHost and one-click installed Wordpress. I can’t get to the Wordpress installer using the actual domain name, of course. How do I do it? I can FTP in and I see the Wordpress files are there. I need to be able to get to the admin area in that installation.

honestly this is answered about twice a month in the forum, and is easily found in the wiki… search is your friend :wink:

Hmm. I actually looked at both these wiki pages before posting. Seeing your links to them initially annoyed me, because I couldn’t make any sense of them yesterday. I went back and looked again, however, and the reason I couldn’t make sense of them is because I obviously didn’t read them carefully enough. They make sense now and I think I’m all set.

Thank you!