Setting up sub-domains

I’ve looked at some of the knowledge articles and other posts, but I’m still a bit unsure— and I’m scared I’ll do something wrong and delete something by accident, which would be my luck. :slight_smile: So, sorry if this a repetitive question. (yay for my n00b-ness).


  1. To create a sub-domain, which would be the (

In the tab where you do this and it has where you enter the name of the domain/subdmain, Do you put: the ‘’ ?

Or just the name…that you want it do be?: ‘newname’ ?

Then you would mark that has fully hosted, yes? I don’t want it to be a mirror/park etc.

  1. I was also wondering say later on if I want to delete that sub-domain, could I do that then I would have a free slot of a new sub-domain then? Like… I’m not set with that for life am I ? Eh…

And if that’s so is it possible to just re-name that sub-domain? Or would you just have to delete it then make a new?

Actually, it wouldn’t be, it would be just (the “newname” replaces the www). Anywho, you’re correct about everything. You would enter, and choose ‘fully hosted’. Also, you can delete this to give yourself another subdomain credit.

Oooh, okay. I didn’t know the www, wouldn’t need to be there. ::blinks::

Thanks for your reply.

In URLs, it’s set up to work both with and without the “www”, but when you’re setting it up you type it without the “www”, as you also should do for regular domains.

– Dan