Setting up SpamAssassin

I’m a little confused on how to get SpamAssassin set up properly. Apparently I have to log into SquirrelMail to get to the configuration. Once there I can choose from several predefined policies. However there are no descriptions of the predefined policies to guide me as to what they look for and there seems to be a few features missing.

With my previous host I set the weight for the various things SpamAssassin looked at. For example if the email was all HTML I could set it to 0.4. Where can I set this sort of thing?

I also can’t seem to locate the SpamAssassin training. Where do I go to train the program which messages are spam and which are ham?
I don’t work here. I’m just your typical support forum volunteer.

Domain-based webmail ( has recently been updated to allow management and configuration of SpamAssassin as well. I don’t think the KB articles have been updated to reflect this change yet.

However… To my knowledge, the system-wide SpamAssassin installation does not use SA’s Bayesian learning ability. Nor are the (deault?) test score weightings user configurable. The primary configurable parameters simply set thresholds for what to do with messages that exceed the specified total score. If you need more fine-grained configurability or trainable (Bayesian) filtering, I think you will need to implement your own SA installation. Several users have actually written up instructions for doing this. You can search the forums or Google SpamAssassin and DreamHost to find instructions if you want to try that approach


Ahh, ok, I thought the learning ability and weights would automatically be user configurable because those two items are what make SpamAssassin worth installing. I’ll look into installing it for myself.

Thank you