Setting up SPAM filter

Thought this might be a good place to share a problem I caused myself so others might learn.

I was getting TONS of spam from a sender called “ME.” I wanted to STOP all the mail from who ever that was.
So I set up a DH filter where From: contains ME
Set the action to delete, no bouncing.

I quit getting the spam from ME. But what I did not know for MONTHS was that I was also not getting email from people I know, with whom I had corresponded previously without problem.
Alas poor Logic, I knew him well. ReMEmber: “Contains” is not the same as “Equals.”

Email from kraMEr, from MEditeck, or anyone of a half dozen other names in my address book where ME was CONTAINED.
I should have known better. But I screwed up. It was a hard problem for ME (S) to notice that I even had because it was so intermittent.

BTW: DH Support helped figure this out, but first I had to know that I had the problem! And when it was happening. (I asked people who I knew I was missing to send email to me and copy someone else. The someone else forwarded it headers in tact so I could see the blah, blah, blah and send it to DH Support)