Setting up site before switching DNS on old host

My web site, is currently setup on another host using textpattern. I recently purchased a dreamhost account and would like to completely setup my site here, before I switch the DNS to point my domain to dreamhost.

I have added the domain on dreamhost, uploaded the necessary files and created the db in the dreamhost web manager.

How can I access the database and site url to complete the necessary setup without using the database hostname or the web site hostname? Can I do it by IP address?

Please help. Thanks!

Thanks! However, I’m still a little confused. On this page: ( it says :

3. After that you simply go to Goodies::MySQL on the panel. If you already created a database and a mysql host under your domain, click on ¨Add host¨ and add a host to you database. If you haven´t done this yet, create your database and the host at once. After the usual setup time, it´s possible to access phpMyAdmin through and do whatever you need to do with it.

I can’t seem to find this mysterious ‘Add host’ button. I have already set up a DB on a the domain w/o DNS, but I can’t figure out how to add a second hostname to this DB using the ‘add host’ button as mentioned above so I can fully test the web site before transfering the DNS. Am I just blind?

Nope, the MySQL panel was redesigned some time ago, and apparently they left out the ability to add multiple hostnames for some reason.

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