Setting up second domain and users

I have set up a second domain to point to my hosting and all appears to be working. However, I want to have a friend do all the maintendance on the second domain and I don’t want them to see the primary domain name when doing so. Is it possible to set up in this way?

I’m one step up from clueless on this, so any help is greatly appreciated.


  1. Setup a second FTP or shell user, eg “second_user”
  2. Go to Domains -> Manage Domains and Edit the second domain
  3. Set the FTP/CGI user to be “second_user”
  4. Login to FTP as the first user and download any files you may have uploaded to the second domain
  5. Login FTP as the second user and upload the files for that domain
  6. Give the other person(s) the username/password for the second user
  7. If they need your help, login as the second user, NOT the first user.

:cool: Perl / MySQL / HTML+CSS

Thank you!