Setting up search engine script


I’m trying to set up a search engine script at DreamHost. It’s been set up fine countless times on other hosts but it’s not going smoothly here. Can I ask some q’s plz:

Do you allow fopen php code
Do you allow users to set full 777 permissions

would this be the correct way to describe a MySQl setup in a config file

$mysql_server=“”; // MySql Server Name
$mysql_username=“abc”; // MySql Username
$mysql_password=“123”; // MySql Password

… re the mysql set up

It’s what the DreamHost user has supplied, but it’s not something i’ve seen before - but that doesn’t mean much… I’d expect something like this

$mysql_server=“localhost”; // MySql Server Name
$mysql_username=“domain_abc”; // MySql Username
$mysql_password=“123”; MySql Password

The script inquestion is found at InoutScripts and has been intalled on all kinds of servers, linux and windows, shared and dedicated.

Thanks for your help.

no fopen allowed. only curl

BC Tech
Team Shocker

:frowning: well that explains it. First time we’ve come across a host that didn’t allow fopen but I hear also some GoDaddy accounts don’t allow it so you’re not alone.

Thanks for getting back to me.