Setting up PTR records


I am trying to register a new domain with the registrar - the rgistration process has however failed twice.

I have setup the domain as fully hosted by dreamhost and I have included the correct DNS information when submitting my application form to the registrar.

However the registrar tells me that I or my host provider need to setup PTR records. The dreamhost support team has told me that they are not able to modify the nameservers to accommodate my registrars needs, because doing so would effect existing DreamHost customers that already are using the nameservers.

So DreamHost wants the registrar to setup the domain manually to point to DreamHost and the registrar wants DreamHost to setup PTR records.

I am not very fammiliar with the ins and outs of DNS, PTR, etc. so please - any help would be appreciated.

I know that I can add a DNS record to the domain via the “Manage Domains” page by clicking the [DNS] option.

Can I setup PTR records through the web panel?
Please help, I’m very confused.