Setting up private SVN as it is done on dreamhost




Would anyone on the dreamhost team be willing to share a howto on setting up Subversion the same way it’s done at dreamhost?

I’m a Subversion noob, and I’d like a similar setup at home. Using Ubuntu 7.10 server.



Subversion is actually pretty easy to set up. I assume you have read (in particular, and That and the other documentation that comes with Subversion should be enough to get you started. Subversion is pretty well designed and documented. Dreamhost uses the apache httpd method of serving subversion, though locally you could also use svnserve or even just plain old filesystem subversion, depending on your needs.

If you are not also an Apache httpd “noob”, you should do fine. If you are, well, fix that first :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks eike. Some good referrals there, which I will get on and read. I actually hadn’t read them in the past, so thanks for pointing them out.

Up until now I’ve been using svnserve with the vanilla authentication methods on my box, but have grown to quite like the DH implementation and would very much like to replicate that. This is a good start :slight_smile:


Have you considered running a virtualized server from one of the vmware images available with a suite of developer/collaboration tools? I’m considering running the Buildix suite.

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