Setting up phpBB3

I’m using Dreamhost’s One Click Install for phpBB3. However, when it comes to entering the database settings I’m running into problems.

I’m using the following information

For Database server hostname or DSN:

Database name: I’m using the name I created that’s listed under Database(s) on this server in the “Manage mySQL panel”.

Database username: The user name under the User Panel. The same for WebFTP etc.

Database password: Same as above

I can’t figure out what’s wrong with the information I’m entering, but I receive the message “Could not connect to the database, see error message below.
Access denied for user ‘myusernamehere’@‘’ (using password: YES)”

Any ideas would be great!

The “DSN” Needs to be

This should be listed in Goodies -> Manage MySQL


My mistake, I meant to say i had it set as, I didn’t mean database name.

So that doesn’t seem to be the problem

Thank you though

By the way, if you did a One-Click install, the Success email you received should have all this information in there. If you haven’t gotten a message, then check the Panel under Support for Support History.


Your Database Username should be the one listed in the Manage MySQL section with your database. It’s the “Users With Access.” And if you click that username, it’ll bring you to a screen that has its current password.


I got everything working now

Thanks a bunch for your help!