Setting up phpbb


I want to set up a forum, and that seems to imply phpbb. And there is a “one click” install for it, which is good. I infer from some of the questions that I ought to set up a database first. I am a complete newbie in this space despite having been a network programmer for longer than many of you have been alive!

Are there other prerequisites I ought to do before trying to install phpbb? does the phpbb one click install deal with the prerequisites for me? What guidelines are the in installing a DB? What questions ought I to be asking?


Heh, I know the feeling.

The good news is that you don’t have to set up the DB. The one-click install will do that for you. Even if you haven’t actually set up a database hostname for access or anything, there will be fields that you fill out in the one-click process that will set everything up.

The only thing you have to do first is to add your domain or sub-domain as a fully-hosted domain in the “Domains>Manage Domains” section of the panel.

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With One-Click Installs, it will be easy for you to set up PHPBB in DH.

  1. set up DB. You will definitely need a database for your forum. Create one before you install PHPBB. You can create a database via DH panel --> Goodies --> Manage MySQL Databases. You will need to create a hostname, mysql user name, mysql user password, and database. Remember them because you will need them for installation of PHPBB.

  2. install PHPBB. After you create the DB, you are ready to install PHPBB. You can install PHPBB via DH panel --> Goodies --> One-Click Installs --> PHPBB. You will be asked which folder you want to install PHPBB to. Simply give a directory name. You can install it to your domain root folder like /home/user/ or a sub-directory like /home/user/ And the rest is fairly easy. Just follow the instructions and click next next next.

If you feel you do something wrong with the forum and want to re-install it, you can simply delete the installation folder of the forum and install new one from One-Click Installs. Do not forget to delete the DB as well.

If you encounter any problem during installation, you can always post it here.

Good luck!

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That is the advice you should follow in order to accomplish your goal. Database creation for your forum is contained within the One-Click installation procedure, thus manual creation is unnecessary.